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Are you paralyzed by perfection? Read this...

I have noted many - possibly dozens - ideas that were never started. Of course, I had good reason. Don't we all? Whether it was financial, too time-consuming, or the ebbs and flows of life were distracting, some bright ideas vastly lit up the sky and quickly landed in the dusty desert of defeat where all good ideas go to wither away. I'd forget about them all together if it weren't for my journal!

I'm older and wiser now (and that older part is a trip). Financial reasons are no longer a concern, not because I'm rich, but because I understand the significance of establishing good personal and business credit. Time-consuming concerns are no longer a factor because I realize that every day is filled with a to-do list, whether I schedule it or not. And life happens, no matter how much I try to prepare and plan and schedule my days - life has an uncanny way of taking over and making you go from Plan A to Plan G faster than NASCAR at the Daytona 500 Speedway.

So, here I am, looking back over life at the midway point, realizing some missed opportunities because I wasn't "perfect" enough. The truth is, I'll never be, and neither will you. The most profound and recognizable brand slogan is Nike's "Just Do It." Those three poignant words command people to get off of their butts and get to action. They are not age-specific or gender-specific. They are not for the highly educated or ones whom society deems as the sexiest person alive. No, they are not for those who are well-connected or have millions of social media followers. They are not for Americans or those without disabilities. Those three words are for whoever reads it. Did you read it? I mean, with intentionality?

Another remarkable aspect of this iconic slogan is that the final words of a death row inmate inspired the advertising firm commissioned to create it. Someone facing death was rather pushy about getting the process started or ending it (depending on your perspective). On the other hand, I like to find inspiration in the positive and uplifting moments in life. You know, the type of stuff that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside - like the laughter of toddlers or how no two snowflakes are alike. But here we are, one of the millions motivated by an inmate who boldly said, "You know, let's do it."

I love rhetoric. I study words keenly and try to understand and interpret their context, usage, and meaning from a cultural perspective. Meanings are in people, not words. "Do it" for him could have represented his will to end things. Instead, "Do it" has evolved to represent the willpower to begin again and against all odds. Life isn't stagnant; it's dynamic. You and I are not perfect; the perfect time to start will never occur, and most assuredly, time will continue to pass us by. So, my friends, let's do it! Well, er, uh, just do it. Do what you have envisioned or contemplated for years. Do what is in your heart to do because it is not just for you. We are not the sole benefactors when we put our hearts and minds into a project. An audience awaits your obedience to that quiet voice that whispered a bright idea. That little epiphany that can solve a problem could be the transformative factor in another person's life. What is it for you?

  • A book?

  • A business, ministry, or outreach?

  • An invention?

  • A groundbreaking perspective or outlook?

  • A play or film script?

  • A new technological advancement?

  • A run for office?

  • A new recipe?

Be motivated - Every idea has a story that can spark change! You have permission to begin again simply because you woke up this morning. No one has to permit you to follow your dreams. So, take advantage of your chance to step out on faith and dust off those old ideas. Give them the time and attention they deserve, and see what doors open for you as you embark on a new journey. That's the beauty of life, a brand new day to say "yes." The ideas that are planted in our hearts are not by happenstance. Ideas are not hidden from us; they are hidden for us. When they are revealed, it is for a purpose. Whether you look at it as a moment of divine inspiration or a mere coincidence, know it was designed for you. Instead of being paralyzed by fear, be motivated by the fact that you were chosen to hold an idea so bright that it illuminates a new path you have never seen or imagined. An exceptional idea requires an extraordinary person to manage it.

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