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Honoring the Brilliance of Uncommon Stories


Launched in 2023, Radiance Press (RP) is an imprint of Ivey Media Agency. 

  • Our unique publishing and brand development approach supports thought leaders with the right tools to share meaningful content with the right audiences.

  • Our publishing process integrates public relations tactics such as brand development and media relations to position authors for success. 

  • RP works exclusively in expository and narrative nonfiction genres, such as memoirs, personal development, business, and motivation.

  • All authors keep 100% of their royalties

  • Through books that educate, advocate, and inspire, Radiance Press is committed to honoring the brilliance of uncommon stories!


  • An uncommon story is innovative, breakthrough, honest, respectful, culturally resonant, and rare. It amplifies the voices of the underrepresented with dignity. It shares a narrative that is progressive and brave. These stories do not emphasize hate but promote hope, strength, and resilience through life's challenges.

  • Uncommon stories are little known; tenacity is required to share these narratives. But when published, they leave a lasting and activating impression that results in positive change.​

Radiant Writers:

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