We all share a responsibility to advocate for the health of the communities in which we live and work. Big or small it all counts. For the entrepreneur or thought leader, advocacy shows your target audience that you care. 
"Effective communication is an art form that can unify masses and encourage social change." 

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As a communication practitioner, Chinua's work experience includes federal and local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, thought leaders, and private-sector corporations.
"My passion for sharing stories started when I was a little girl, in court testifying against my abusers. It was then that I discovered the power of my voice - that people cared to hear my experiences and that my words mattered. It has since become my passion to share narratives that often get overlooked. Amplifying stories through advocacy is my personal mission."

IMA Founder & President
Chinua Joi Ivey, MAOM, MA

You've worked in communications your entire career, where

"I lived coast-to-coast, and it afforded me many amazing opportunities! As a government contractor, I worked on Policy in San Diego and as a Communications Action Officer in Virginia. I worked as a Specialist for a Colorado-based international children's ministry where I compiled notes from the field (often with translators) to create articles for sponsors and donors. I worked for a British hospitality company on an international campaign to roll out new technology. For a popular cable company, I enjoyed working on media campaigns that targeted the LatinX community and college students. For a healthcare revenue management company, I managed all operational/transactional messages to over 75K recipients and was a team member on an award-winning customer service project."

When taking on a clients' project, what do you wish to accomplish?

"Of course, I want to clearly define their objectives and goals. I also like to begin with the end in mind, so that I am aligned with their expectations. Most importantly, I want to ensure that I am conveying a story that shares their organizational narrative. This way, their communication deliverables not only inform or persuade, but they also tell a story that's uniquely their own."

What type of media have you managed?

"Radio and print have been both a hobby and expertise. I started writing in elementary school and I would hang out at Howard University's radio station as a child - WHUR. My interests progressed through high school (Duke Ellington School of the Arts). In undergrad, my internship was in radio. I reported for a Maryland newspaper and composed hundreds of blogs for thousands of recipients. I still have a few cassette tapes of me as a DJ and some aged newspaper clippings. I'm looking forward to launching my digital magazine and adding videography to my portfolio of services."

What's exciting about communications?

"It is always exciting to have the opportunity to learn the voice of a client so I can understand how the brand fits into their daily lives. No two brands are alike. The same goes for audiences... communication is not a one-size-fits-all business. It cannot be treated like a cookie-cutter. So, taking time to understand the client is essential in an often fast-paced, deadline-driven job. It's really about relationship building. From there, we can share a narrative that resonates with the client and accomplishes the brand's communication objectives. An effective communicator advocates for the needs of both the brand and the client."

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