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We Make Brands



Ivey Media Agency, LLC (IMA) is a minority, woman-owned communication consulting business located in Metro Atlanta.


Our specialty is defining brand narratives for maximum impact and influence. We understand that your business solves a problem and that social solutions start with storytelling. ma

king brands noteworthy!

Through storytelling, we define brand narratives that desire to stand out in the marketplace, bring new innovations, and impact social change. Your brand legacy starts today with a Noteworthy Communication Plan!

Chinua Joi Ivey, MAOM, MA
Owner & President

Our Belief

We believe that every cause, person, or brand has a story, and every story can spark change.



Chinua Joi Ivey is a communications practitioner who specializes in engaging others through storytelling. Her vast communication experience includes print, radio, digital, public relations, and marketing. Her work experience includes assignments for federal and local government, nonprofit, and Fortune 500 companies. She is driven by her belief that "Every cause has a story, and every story can spark change."


Mrs. Ivey is a Ph.D. student at Liberty University studying communication. She has a MA in Strategic Communication from American University (2020), a Graduate Certificate in Domestic Violence Prevention from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell (2011), a MA in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix (2004), and a BA in Mass Communications/Speech Communication from Bethune-Cookman College (2002).


She is the President of Ivey Media Agency, LLC. At Bethune-Cookman University, she is an adjunct professor in the Communication Studies, Theatre, and Dance Department. In addition, she is an author and speaker. Mrs. Ivey resides in West Georgia with her husband. Together, they have a beautiful, blended family.

Chinua Joi Ivey, MAOM, MA is available for virtual or in-person speaking engagements. If you are an event host who is seeking a communication professional for a keynote address, panel member, workshop, or interview, please email info@iveymediaagency.com. For the latest updates, follow us on Facebook or Instagram @iveymediaagency.