We believe that every cause, person, or brand has a story, and every story can spark change. 

Our Philosophy

Chinua Joi Ivey, MAOM, MA
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We ensure that small businesses have meaningful communication plans that align with their business objectives!

Ivey Media Agency, LLC (IMA) is an independent, BIPOC, woman-owned public relations consultancy in Metro Atlanta.

We support clients across the U.S. committed to mission-focused outreach, advocacy, education, faith-based, or educational initiatives. Our solutions concentrate on communication strategies for reputation and cause management.


IMA Founder and President Chinua Joi Ivey serves as your PRO - Public Relations Officer.

Who We Work With

 We work with brands that are guided by vision, values, and an inclusive approach to providing meaningful products and services.


We pitch purpose.


As a company, we provide a platform for causes and people who are often overlooked, undervalued, and disadvantaged. 


We believe in the power of storytelling!

Whether your brand is a start-up, restructuring, or well established in your industry, we are here to amplfy your impact by making your next communication campaign or project noteworthy!



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