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As a communicator...

I know firsthand the impact of storytelling. As a foster child in Washington, DC, I learned the value of my voice and how words have power. Storytelling changes lives; it starts with a heart for advocacy - both to speak up and to listen intently.

It is often the stories of the underrepresented that have the most impact!

Storytelling is what makes your brand relatable. When your brand is centered on a solid narrative, others will understand and support your mission. If I never shared my story as a child, the trajectory of my life would have been very different.


In short: Your audience won't know unless you tell!


My commitment to effective communication practices is also reflected in my books, speaking engagements, and as a Ph.D. Communication candidate. Additionally, I am an adjunct professor at Bethune-Cookman University's Communication studies department (Daytona Beach, FL). I combine my 20+ years of experience with an excellent team of contractors to serve IMA clients, craft IMA media and offer IMA events.


There are untold stories that your stakeholders are waiting to hear, and IMA will help make them noteworthy

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