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Advocacy is the Heart of Community

The IRIS Campaign

IRIS is an acronym for Incredible Resilience and Inner Strength.

The IRIS Campaign consists of speaking engagements, workshops, book readings and signings, and interviews about teen dating and intimate partner violence. 

The IRIS Book Series consists of The IRIS Identity Workbook; IRIS Devotional, 2nd ed. for women; IRIS Diary, 2nd. ed. for teen girls and young women who are dating; and the IRIS Identity Workbook. Look inside and purchase the IRIS Diary and IRIS Devotional on Amazon Prime via paperback. 


The IRIS Mentoring Program

Designed for high school and first-year college students, the IRIS Mentoring Program combines the IRIS Diary with the IRIS Identity Workbook for an empowering time of self-reflection and discovery.

Interactive sessions include personal branding, identifying values, goal-setting, teen dating violence awareness, safety tips, and more!


The next program opening will be announced here and on Instagram @iveymediaagency.

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