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Ivey Media Agency, LLC (IMA) is a strategic communication consultancy that champions thought leadership through storytelling. Based in metro Atlanta and led by Chinua Joi Ivey, IMA was established in 2019.


Our consultations, trainings, and campaigns have served local and national nonprofit organizations, educators, speakers, therapists, political candidates, ministries, and small business leaders. The common thread through our creative strategies and tactics is our aim to promote thought leadership. We position our clients as subject matter experts by aligning professional plans with their project goals. We center the brand's narrative and image for improved reputation, crisis management, and increased awareness. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic, a shift in the marketplace occurred. IMA is filling the gap left by budget cuts and workforce reductions by offering reliable and effective services that matter most to small businesses and nonprofits. Our training sessions, campaign management, and consultations are outsourced at affordable rates that allow micro-businesses, small businesses, and nonprofits access to a PRO - Public Relations Officer. Radiance Press, the publishing imprint of IMA, incorporates public relations tactics within the manuscript development process to ensure the author's reputation is managed long before the book is released. We Make Brands Noteworthy!

The IMA Family of Brands


To implement strategic communication plans that will accelerate innovative ideas and drive the advancement of meaningful change in individuals and communities.


To end brand confusion and put the focus on what matters most - noteworthy stories.


We believe that every cause or brand has a story, and every story can spark change.

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