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Sharing Brand Truths in Uncertain Times - Part 2

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

In part one of this blog, we discussed the spread of misinformation and disinformation - particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. This leads us to why your organization is significant in uncertain times like today. What is your brand truth, and how can your thought leadership contribute to a more ethical society? Every brand has a story and mission that solves problems. It is time to shine a light on your brand's uniqueness! Here are three tips for doing just that!

  1. Share your narrative. - Whether speaking or writing, you should always be mindful to point to your brand narrative. Sharing your story will create a special opportunity to connect with your target audience while conveying your brand's mission. Additionally, you will be able to communicate the perspectives of your staff and beneficiaries that mainstream media may not readily pick up.

  2. Show your narrative. Back up what you say and write with relevant visuals while in the field. Make sure you have permission to share photos of youth if you work with younger populations. Even taking pictures of you and your staff at the different places where you hold events will show your organization out in the community, making a difference.

  3. Live your narrative. This is where your unique brand identity, culture, and purpose shine through! Look for creative ways to highlight your "why." Think out of the box, and integrate it into all aspects of your business so that people will begin to recognize your brand for that particular trait. Your reputation in the marketplace is essential in establishing your brand as a leading expert in your field/industry.

What problem does your brand solve? By identifying that, along with your brand truth, you will have a foundation that all employees and volunteers can embody as they help to fulfill the mission and vision of your organization. Sharing the stories of your beneficiaries, especially if they are from marginalized groups, sheds light on the views of those that may be overlooked in public conversations. Your lens on social issues deserves awareness and recognition!

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