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Ivey Media Agency, LLC (IMA) is a Domestic Limited Liability company in Georgia. As a public relations micro-firm with independent contractors, IMA successfully manages internal and external communication campaigns that improve awareness, add to the credibility of subject matter experts, and increase reach. Although IMA is new to the government contracting space, its' founder and president, Chinua Joi Ivey, has a solid history of Federal Government contracting. She previously worked for Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Navy (SPAWAR), and Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) contracts. Her career also spans private sector communications, working for companies such as nThrive, Comcast, and the Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG). Currently, IMA is actively seeking subcontractor positions. Read more in the following capability statement snapshot.


To receive the complete IMA capability statement briefing or to inquire about a teaming opportunity, contact us via the form at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your interest in Ivey Media Agency.


We are strategic communication experts with a well-rounded history in corporate communications from a government, nonprofit, and private sector perspective. Our difference is our corporate communication history, commitment to continued learning, and keen focus on grasping the client's voice and purpose. To provide stability and continuity of voice, we align our communication deliverables to the client's objectives.

  • Interpersonal Skills: As a former government contractor, Mrs. Ivey understands the nuances of government, regularly interacting with and writing on behalf of leadership - while maintaining approvals from legal and other sources before dissemination. She is an independent and reliable professional who has mastered the art of working with accuracy and poise under tight deadlines.

  • Business Skills: We may be a micro-firm, but we operate with the systems in place to seamlessly navigate government contracting. We are registered in Sam and have established accounting and project management systems for productivity and customer service.

  • Personal Skills: IMA is wholly committed to the field and practice of strategic communication, ensuring that we incorporate the latest tactics and techniques in an integrated marketing approach to communication planning and execution. Mrs. Ivey is a  communication scholar and researcher, author, and speaker. 


Because of our history and commitment to effective and impactful communication strategies, we can affirm that our noteworthy value is threefold:

  • Experience: With a track record that includes federal government communications work, IMA is ready to start, pick up, or assist with the launch of a communication project or campaign. We have experience with project management, working hand-in-hand with graphic artists and designers, media schedulers and buyers, local and national media, and more. Experience is key in communication to prevent delays and inaccurate textual or visual content and allow the right messages to target the right audiences.

  • Diversity: With a track record of working on teams with high-ranking military officials and presidents of Fortune 500 companies, diversity in both thought and practice has afforded IMA a well-rounded approach to communication. We understand there are internal and external clients - and one size does not fit all. IMA's work with diverse people and projects allows us to present fresh and innovative ideas. 

  • Expertise: Mrs. Ivey's career has focused on the various aspects of corporate communication - marketing, public relations,  government affairs, research and analysis, multicultural, internal initiatives with human resources, reporting to stakeholders, and more. She has penned DJ reads, press releases, articles, interviews, event materials, web copy, telephone scripts, speeches, directories, memorandums and letters, and more. With work completed for print, digital, tv, and radio campaigns, her versatility and adaptability have exceeded expectations and helped companies reach milestones.


IMA has a system that works fast, efficiently, and accurately.

  • We use systems and templates to collect, sort, and manage information.

Our key areas of expertise include an approach that combines public relations, government affairs, and integrated marketing. Simply put, we've worked with subject matter experts because we are subject matter experts. 


Highlights of work performance include:

  • Roles: Communications Action Officer and Communication Manager

  • Notable employers: Department of Defense (contractor), Department of Navy/SPAWAR (contractor), nThrive, Comcast, IHG (contractor), Compassion International,

  • Radio: Public/community affairs radio announcements and host, DJ reads

  • Print: Author, reporter for the PG Post newspaper and Compassion International, articles, interviews, directories, catalogs, advertisements, newsletters, biographies, ghostwriting, scripts, and more

  • Digital: University, hotel, sports, and multicultural campaigns; websites; hundreds of corporate blogs, cause marketing, and social responsibility campaigns, and intranet content for internal change campaigns

  • Corporate Communications: Sponsor/donor relations, internal communications, operational communications, marketing, competitive research, government affairs, and public relations

  • Events: Lunch and Learns, Cable TV show promotions, seminars, workshops, fundraisers, team building events, community expos, meetings, conferences, live screenings

  • Research: As a doctoral candidate, Mrs. Ivey's research interests include ethnography, agency, advocacy, and social action. 


Ivey Media Agency is a public relations consultancy that implements an integrated marketing approach to campaign management and other corporate communication projects, such as event materials and corporate presentations. As a vendor for government contracts, IMA submits to RFPs (Request for Proposals). In addition, IMA welcomes team proposals or subcontractor opportunities.

  • NAICS Codes: 541820 (Public Relations Agencies); 541613 (Marketing Consulting Services); 611699 (Public Speaking Training); 561410 (Document Preparation Services) 

  • SIC Code: 8743 (Public Relations Services)

  • Business Structure: Domestic Limited Liability Company in the State of Georgia

  • Business Headquarters: Douglasville, Georgia/Paulding County

  • Office Location: We are a virtual office, but we meet with clients in-person at a professional worksite in Atlanta or on-site at the client's office.

  • Majority Ownership: 100% minority, woman-owned company

  • Registered on

  • Ivey Media Agency, LLC is an independent company.

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