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Extending our Commitment to Nonprofits, Ministries, and NGOs

Our brand philosophy is simple and succinct:

Every cause, person, or brand has a story, and every story can spark change!

With this outlook on business communication strategies for small businesses, we emphasize thought leadership and social responsibility in every project or campaign.

This is the difference between marketing/promotions and public relations - reputation management. Without this factor, the client seeks an ad campaign, not an integrated media approach.

What I like best about the work completed at Ivey Media Agency is that we can integrate our client's vision, mission, objectives, and values into their communication plan. This way, we can capture each client's voice and heart.

Beginning in September 2022, Ivey Media Agency will exclusively work on communication projects and campaigns for nonprofits, NGOs, and ministries that align with thought leadership or social responsibility initiative. We are deepening our focus, expanding our reach, and extending our commitment to what matters most - serving others.

Thank you for trusting Ivey Media Agency with your communication needs. We look forward to this next leg of our journey to establishing our purpose in spaces dedicated to helping those in need. We make brands noteworthy!

Learn about how Ivey Media Agency promotes social solutions through storytelling by visiting

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