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All about IMA: A Quick Look

Ivey Media Agency (IMA) is unique in its purpose, mission and offerings. We are a public relations consultancy focusing on reputation and cause management for individuals and organizations.

Here are a few examples of our clientele:


  • A subject matter expert within corporate America

  • An author/speaker or thought leader

  • A nonprofit leader

  • A small business owner or solopreneur

  • An activist or advocate


  • Corporate social responsibility branch

  • Outreach or educational campaigns

  • Churches/ministries with community-based outreach initiatives

  • Resource/volunteer-based organizations

Ivey Media Agency primarily serves in the following industries:

  • Association/nonprofit

  • Professional services

  • Government

Our noteworthy solutions include:

  • Corporate communication

  • Corporate social responsibility/corporate citizenship

  • Brand development

  • Integrated communication strategies

We offer:

  • Reputation and cause management

  • Business development and branding

  • PR consulting

  • Strategies for: media, employee/volunteer, community, crisis, and stakeholder relations

Learn how Ivey Media Agency provides personalized PR for change agents by visiting

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