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Our Company Values

IMA Founder and President Chinua Joi Ivey aged out of foster care. She has experienced the power of advocacy and community support, and she desires to pay it forward. In addition to IMA's affordable rates for small businesses and nonprofits, we offer books and services on intimate partner and teen dating violence and awareness/prevention, the True Peace campaign for victims of crime and their families, and the IRIS Mentoring Program. Learn more below!


True Peace Campaign

True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.

- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

An excerpt from Stride toward freedom: The Montgomery Story (1958)

The True Peace Campaign shares the stories that get ignored, lost, or buried under the clutter and fast-paced nature of today's news cycles. Our objective is to compose these rarely told accounts so that the underrepresented can be confident in knowing that their perspectives matter in this world.


​The True Peace Campaign offers professional articles and press releases on behalf of crime victims to increase awareness, stimulate conversation, and impact social change. Deliverables are provided at little to no cost for victims of crime and their supporters - donations are optional and go towards upcoming True Peace campaign initiatives.

IRIS Book Series

IMA President Chinua Joi Ivey pens the IRIS Book Series. IRIS is an acronym for Incredible Resilience and Inner Strength. Look inside and purchase IRIS Devotional 2nd ed. (for women) and IRIS Diary 2nd ed. (for teen girls) on Amazon. Both paperback books are available via Amazon Prime.

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IRIS Mentoring Program


​The IRIS Mentoring Program combines college/career-prep techniques with the self-esteem-building principles found in IRIS Diary for an empowering virtual experience. IRIS is an acronym for Incredible Resilience and Inner Strength.

Designed for high school seniors and young ladies, the IRIS Mentoring Program consists of a series of interactive workshops that are designed to develop skills for both social and professional environments such as:

  • Personal Branding

  • Identifying Values

  • Being Goal-Oriented

  • Public Speaking

  • Teen Dating/Intimate Partner Violence Awareness

Program announcements will be made here and on Instagram @iveymediaagency

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