True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

An excerpt from Stride toward freedom: The Montgomery Story (1958)

We're Listening

The True Peace Campaign shares the stories that get ignored, lost, or buried under the clutter and fast-paced nature of today's news cycles. Our objective is to compose these rarely told accounts so that the underrepresented can be confident in knowing that their perspectives matter in this world.

Your Voice has Power

There is comfort in finally hearing the stories of those who were passed over. There is an assurance in seeing diverse points of view in print. It is fair and reasonable to investigate the whole story - even if it is uncomfortable or challenging. Our voices have power. 


As a former victim of crime, IMA President Chinua Joi Ivey understands what it means to feel voiceless. As a public relations practitioner, she understands the value of providing opportunities for forgotten voices to be heard. Advocacy is at the heart of everything we do, here at Ivey Media Agency. 

Campaign Deliverables​ 

The True Peace Campaign provides professional articles and press releases on behalf of crime victims to increase awareness, stimulate conversation, and impact social change. Deliverables are provided at little to no cost for victims of crime and their supporters.

  • We do not discuss the specifics of ongoing legal procedures unless your attorney is present.

  • We seek to tell the stories of the marginalized for support and awareness.

  • We uncover areas where there's a gap in understanding, for the entire community to advance.

  • We affirm your struggles while providing the framework for advocacy.

Your story is yours to share! We'll post it to the IMA blog and share it on social media. You may send it to local politicians or non-profits in conjunction with a campaign for a new community-based action plan. Or, you may find that sharing your story is a way to present closure with your inner circle. IMA can also pitch your story to local media. There is a myriad of ways to use your article or press release; IMA is here to make sure your story is told. What's your story?

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