In the First Edition of IRIS Diary, teen girls can "Develop a Vision for Love, Relationships, and Self." 


Diaries are timeless resources for personal reflection that have been used by generations of teen girls to both chronicle and explore life. For many, a diary is a personal confidant, the keeper of secrets, and a means to look back and appraise growth. IRIS Diary has the functionality of a traditional diary with a contemporary flair that will appeal to young ladies of dating age. In IRIS Diary, teen girls enjoy an interactive experience allowing them to write, draw, speak, and even post on social media – all in the context of identifying healthy teen relationships. This diary goes all-in, boldly addressing Teen Dating Violence with real-life topics such as:


  • I’m just going on a date. Why are my parents trippin’?
  • But… doesn’t abuse seem to be everywhere?
  • I don’t feel like I measure up to the girls who look like Instagram models…
  • I was told it was my fault that I was hit. What should I do?


Inside, readers will discover guided journal prompts, affirmations, safety planning, and so much more. IRIS Diary helps teen girls grow in Incredible Resilience and Inner Strength as they develop a vision for love, relationships, and self. "As a survivor of abuse, IRIS Diary is everything that I wish I knew as a teenager, sandwiched between the pages of a book that reads more like girlfriends chatting." - Author Chinua Joi Ivey, MA


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IRIS Diary

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