Why Storytelling: Packaging

"Why Storytelling" is a new series of blogs that focuses on the importance of storytelling for marginalized communities.

As most Americans, I receive a ridiculous amount of junk mail. I literally open mail next to the trash can. I used to work in radio. If the first few seconds of a song doesn't get your head nodding, it's not being put in rotation. The same goes for other forms of communication; it's amazing anything stands out anymore. When you combine robocalls, spam emails, and every "pre-approved" letter, it's safe to say that we are as overwhelmed as we are annoyed. How can you reach anyone in this climate?

I often give to charities and frequently receive various types of donor solicitations. My choice to donate is more of a personal decision that's tied to my experiences and values; i'm not easily persuaded to give to causes I am unaware of or organizations who are unfamiliar. One note, however, stood out.

This letter shared similar background interests and was delivered from a grassroots group of concerned stakeholders. It's tone was conversational and relateable. Most importantly, the main reason why their letter grabbed my interest is how they packaged their message - they told a story. My attention was grabbed and I felt compelled to act. Yes, I donated.

Many letters fall short of the connection they can have with their audience. They go too deep into the statistics of why or the measurements of how without showing real stories that real people can connect to - not robocalls or stale, mass-marketed messages.

The difference is when there's a story explaining the impact of a real-life, current issue and its' correlation to how you/ your support can help be the answer!

By presenting the facts in a story, we share the human side to causes that can seem familiar yet distant. This "packaging" is the key to successful communications that raises awareness and can even build relationships. What's your story? Let Ivey Media Agency help craft your message to change perception and spark change.


Ivey Media Agency (IMA) offers Social Solutions through Storytelling. With offerings in creative services and communications management, IMA clients engage with their stakeholders as thought leaders who advocate for social change. Learn more at iveymediaagency.com.


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