Investing in Your Vision

Small businesses, especially those owned and operated by minority women, share the challenge of ensuring a reliable savings potential. This is especially true for newer businesses in an ever-increasing marketplace where competition is fierce and marketing dollars are tight.

Ivey Media Agency (IMA) started with me... I became an author and needed a professional "front" for my bookings in the market place, which quickly expanded to others who needed assistance as well. A little-known fact: I started communications consulting when I lived in Denver, CO back in 2003. IMA is a culmination of my experiences working with individuals and companies alike, ensuring that their valuable stories are told.

Today, I offer communications strategic planning and creative services to select clients who have a heart for advocacy. These amazing clients have a story to tell and need a little help getting their valuable messages composed and delivered.

I believe that storytelling is an equation: Advocacy + Narrations = Connections

When ordering consulting or freelance services, the math has to add up - strategically and financially! With two fee options, IMA provides affordable services to help others gain visibility and increase brand awareness: Ad Hoc and Retainers.

Ad Hoc Fee

  • Freelance services available on a case-by-case basis with no contract

  • There is a 2-hour minimum for all new projects @ $25 per hour.

Retainer Fee

  • Two retainers are provided: 6 months and annual.

  • Retainers are a fee paid up-front for monthly services or long-term projects. Longer-term projects are available on the annual retainer.

New Clients may book a free consultation. Whereas existing clients may book an ad hoc consultation, or a retainer consultation. Click here for the bookings page.

If you'd like to order a retainer, please book a free consultation, then go to the plans page to select your retainer.

Whether you are seeing strategic communications planning, public relations, or even considering writing your first non-fiction book, Ivey Media Agency is here to help you reach your goals. Invest in your vision, today!


Ivey Media Agency (IMA) offers Social Solutions through Storytelling. With offerings in creative services and communications management, IMA clients engage with their stakeholders as thought leaders who advocate for social change. Learn more at


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