Hosting the Love Within Limits TDV Awareness Workshop at Little Debbie's Second Chance Homes

THROWBACK: This blog originally posted in Feb. 2020.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and I had the pleasure of sharing an IRIS message with the youth at Little Debbie's Second Chance Homes in Decatur, Georgia. The boys were separated from the girls and both groups shared thought-provoking insights regarding how relationship violence is prevalent in their schools.

The Love Within Limits Teen Dating Violence (TDV) Awareness Workshop focuses on the fundamentals of TDV while addressing individual boundaries, values, and life goals. At the end of the workshop, the attendees divided into small groups for an exercise; you'll see a few results of their social media campaigns pictured in this blog post. I encouraged them to share what they learned by being social media advocates/influencers. I also provided tips for help and support, including speaking to a trusted adult. I enjoyed sharing message from the IRIS Diary and I'm thankful for the opportunity to increase hope and understanding!

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