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Originally posted on Jan. 2, 2018.

I enjoy reading weight loss success stories on Instagram. Yes, I know. It's not as exciting as a novel that's jammed-packed with romantic scenarios and major plot twists. It's simply everyday people doing extraordinary things. Oftentimes we have an image of extraordinary - and it's gold-plated, bedazzled and showcased on a hilltop. However, I'm referring to the extraordinary examples from those who never get a spotlight, but are deserving of one!

I remember previously working on a contract assignment where executives would constantly call out all of the advancements that reach the general public. Showy things like events, keynote speakers, and so on. These things are great and needed, but we fail to recognize those in the background who do everyday tasks well. We gravitate to the celebrity-potential making stories; The ones that increase visibility and make us want to say, "Hey, look at me over here doing awesome stuff"! All the while, there are those who are consistently plugging away at the less sexier tasks that, if you are really honest, help build a platform for the more exciting happenings. The one-time BANG or POP always gets the accolades, while the harmony that accompanies the soloist gets overlooked. Yep, it's part of our culture.

There's something to be said of those who are extraordinarily great in a common kind of way. These individuals rarely get praise but are among the most reliable and loyal people you'd know. I still have women who I look up to for their tireless devotion to their families, their grace under pressure, their ability to fight, and their voice that packs a punch one second and gently comforts the next. There's no award for successfully raising children, but there's an award for best supporting actor. We idolize the "superstar" and neglect those who do not fit into our ideal of "star power". How unfortunate is that?

The ones who you'd quickly recognize as members of your support system are more than likely not nominated as People magazine's Person of the Year. Your support system may never step onto a red carpet. But to you, they make the difference. This New Year, take time to honor those ordinarily great people who do common things with a huge impact. Then, pay it forward and help someone in need. When I read the weight loss success stories, there's often before and after pictures which showcase the tremendous difference made to ones' body. It shows the end result, but the story tells how they got there. How do you identify your support system? They are the ones who help you define your story so that you eventually get to the after picture... Then, it's time to set a new goal. Find inspiration in the everyday scenarios of life, you'll be surprised how much is out there that will empower you to succeed in reaching your goals!


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