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What's Your Brand Story?

I know firsthand the power of storytelling. As a foster child, many people showed me that my story mattered. It prompted a change that shifted the entire trajectory of my life. And although there was a lot for me to learn - and unlearn - I am eternally thankful for a second chance after a childhood of abuse and neglect. Storytelling changes lives, and it starts with a heart for advocacy. What's your brand story?

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Your Core Audience is Waiting

You have a unique portfolio of skills, talents, education, and experiences that deserve a spotlight! The Noteworthy Communication Plan provides a strategy to share your knowledge, address critical issues, promote information sharing, and increase public trust. It's time to take your brand to the next level! Our strategies focus on:

  • Improved Brand Recognition

  • Earned Media Exposure

  • Increased Credibility

These three focuses open the door to an engaged audience, where you can share your current promotional offer. As a public relations consultancy, we concentrate on your image, reputation, and ability to impact social change. Although we do incorporate some marketing aspects into The Noteworthy Communication Plan, we are not a sales company. Instead, we put a spotlight on your expertise and solidify your reputation as a thought leader. Essentially, we make brands noteworthy!

Signature Service Details

Our Signature Service

The Noteworthy Communication Plan is our signature service - designed to position brands as subject matter experts in the marketplace. Connect with us on a clarity call to see how our four-step plan can help your brand gain notability. IMA is also a Constant Contact partner.

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  • Campaign Management

  • Consulting & Training

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